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DeltaEngine Interview about SoulCraft

by Karsten Wysk 30. October 2013 13:47

Thanks for making a nice little interview about our Action RPG SoulCraft (sorry its in German only):



Action RPG SoulCraft finally out of beta and available on all platforms

by Karsten Wysk 18. September 2013 12:48

And here is our latest official press release :)

•    Over 2 Million players helped shape SoulCraft during the public beta
•    The game is now out of beta and available for free on all platforms: iOS, Android, WP8, Windows 8 and Kindle
•    Currently over 20,000 new players a day are signing up without any marketing spent
•    The game has already been featured by Apple, Google & Microsoft during beta
•    “Out of Beta” trailer:

When the small indie studio MobileBits did not have the money for a long internal private beta test, they decided to try something else: why not release the game very early and continue development together with the players?
Almost a year and over 2 million beta testers later the free2play Action RPG SoulCraft is finally out of beta and available for free on all major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 8, WP8 and Kindle).

A lot of things have changed since the initial release of the game: the UI has been completely redesigned several times, controls of the hero have changed and even the locations and level have changed several times considering the feedback of the players and the data we gathered during the public beta. Since the last update SoulCraft has an average rating of over 4.5 on Google Play and therefore we are happy to bring the game “out of beta”. “Currently over 20,000 new players are signing up for SoulCraft every day”, says Karsten Wysk, CEO of MobileBits. “We are especially happy with that since we did not spent a single dollar for marketing yet”.

One of the main feedbacks we got from the players was the wish to be able to continue playing across all platforms – meaning you can start at home on your Windows 8 PC, continue playing on your phone while going to school/work and then finishing on your tablet in the evening. SoulCraft fully supports this.

SoulCraft will continue to be developed on all platforms with major new improvements coming in the next few weeks and months. Players are still invited to take part in this process to continuously tweak and improve the game by using our facebook page: 

For more information, visit, download the game and help us make SoulCraft even better. Thank you!

Thank you for featuring SoulCraft on

by Karsten Wysk 22. July 2013 12:36
Lucky to see SoulCraft has been featured on - thank you :)

Fireburst for XBOX LIVE out now!

by Leif Griga 14. June 2013 18:11


Finally Fireburst is available as XBOX LIVE arcade game :)

Check the store page here!



SoulCraft is being featured in the German Windows 8 Store

by Karsten Wysk 8. March 2013 12:46

Thank you Microsoft for featuring SoulCraft in the (German) Windows 8 Store!

We hope more countries will follow :)


SoulCraft 2.1 released for Android

by Karsten Wysk 19. February 2013 16:50



We are very happy to announce the release of SoulCraft 2.1 for Android (Windows 8 and iOS will come very soon).

This version again features majors improvements to the game based on your feedback and we hope you will like it too!

Major improvements include:

  • Much improved controls (we heard you)
  • Localization (Now English, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, French, German)
  • Much Improved Gold Purchasing Process
  • New Location: Moscow
  • Completely reworked Hamburg
  • New Enemies: Spider and Fire Golem
  • Technical Improvements (Life Cycle, Download via Google Storage, move to SD card)
  • Improved Ads
  • Better Balancing
  • 1000 Fixes more ..

We hope you like the new version and enjoy playing the game! Keep your suggestions coming because we will surely keep working on the game. The best is yet to come :)

 Download the game here:



SoulCraft & Windows Azure

by Boje Holtz 16. November 2012 09:31
We just had a wonderful event with Microsoft in the Dark Side Bakery in Berlin. We talked about the technology running in the background of SoulCraft and showed a sneak peek of the upcoming SoulCraft update. Did you know we are using Windows Azure to save the player data, connect all kind of devices (incl. iOS & Android), download server, MP test server, etc.? Cheers, Boje

SoulCraft at the official Windows 8 Launch Event

by Karsten Wysk 26. October 2012 17:44


You may have noticed that Windows 8 has just been released yesterday and we are happy to say that our game SoulCraft has been a part of this launch. Please check out the pictures above for a quick first impression!

Arena Wars 2 now available on Steam, Amazon and in Retail!

by Karsten Wysk 12. October 2012 21:44



We are very happy to finally announce the release of Arena Wars 2 - the first real sequel of the award winning Arena Wars first published in 2004.

Arena Wars concentrates on what has been best in the original Arena Wars (Capture the flag, Unit micro management) and has been inspired from current state of the art games like League of Legends (e.g. addition of towers, unit upgrades) ... and adding some unique Arena Wars touch :)

We hope you have fun with the game and buy it here on Steam ( on amazon ( or in your favourite retail store :)

Here is the official description:

Arena Wars 2 is the sequel of the award-winning Arena Wars series and combines revolutionary RTS fights with RPG elements. Join the Battlefield of the future and prove your skills in fast paced multiplayer matches as well as against the advanced AI. Stunning maps, highly detailed units, powerful upgrades and skills as well as a best balanced gameplay offer intensive fights in a spectacular Sci-Fi scenario. Thanks to an easy accessibility and different AI levels, Arena Wars 2 is the perfect RTS game for all kind of gamers.

  • Gameplay balanced in perfection – award winning mix of RTS and “Capture the Flag”
  • Fast paced matches on challenging maps
  • State of the Art graphics thanks to the powerful Delta Engine
  • Fantastic Units equipped with modern Weapon systems and spectacular skills
  • Outstanding & non-cheating AI available in 5 different difficulty levels will challenge every player
  • Unit-Upgrades, Power-Ups, and Items delivers countless possibilities for the “BEST STRATEGY”
  • Comprehensive Replay-Function enables to follow or to save thrilling combats in order to share the spectacular moments with the entire community
  • Diverse Game modes – Singleplayer, Training, Multiplayer/Coop (1 vs 1/2 vs 2)
  • Various achievements available across the battlefields




SoulCraft 0.8.5 released for Android, Windows 8 and (very soon) iOS

by Karsten Wysk 31. August 2012 15:34


We are very happy to announce the first major release for 3 platforms: iOS, Android and Windows 8. With this release all platforms are unified so they can play with the same versions from a gameplay perspective :)

But you may ask yourself: so what? What is in it for me? Here you go :)

CHANGELOG v. 0.8.5
- new locations and content (e.g. egypt and new venice)
- reduce RAM requirements
- improve loading times
- make more accessible (easier at the beginning, give more unlocks earlier..)
- lots of other bug fixes

Btw: In version 0.9. there will a lot of improvements coming :)

Thanks for your support - please keep the 5 star ratings coming!
If anything is annoying please report feedback here - it is a beta after all :) - thanks!


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are own personal opinions and do not represent the companies view.
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