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Article: How to program for Win7 Phones

by Leif Griga 7. June 2011 15:47


If you want to read Benjamin's article about Win7 Phone programming you should buy this magazine :)

The sourcecode of the Blocks game can be downloaded here.

Computex Taiwan: Soulcraft/delta engine on Tegra

by Leif Griga 6. June 2011 15:34



Computex exhibition: Nvidia shows Soulcraft gameplay on Tegra (begins at 1:23).



Fireburst: interview and new trailer

by Leif Griga 6. June 2011 15:13


Read Boje's Fireburst interview on Neocrisis


and if you haven't seen the latest Fireburst trailer, watch it here.


Financial Times article about MobileBits and Delta Engine

by Leif Griga 17. May 2011 12:15


The Financial Times wrote an article about MobileBits and the Delta Engine. Read More (German)

Fireburst tracks trailer

by Leif Griga 17. May 2011 12:09


The latest Fireburst trailer, check it out!: TracksTrailer

Karsten joins msdn WP7 app jury

by Leif Griga 28. April 2011 12:28


Karsten Wysk will be juror for the Microsoft Apps competition. READ MORE

Happy Easter!

by Leif Griga 21. April 2011 13:56

We wish you all happy easter holidays!

 Wanna search some eggs on your iphone? Play EASTER EGGS



Fireburst Character Trailer

by Leif Griga 21. April 2011 12:33


The Fireburst Character Trailer is released.


3000 people like Fireburst :-)

by Leif Griga 18. April 2011 10:33


Awesome: 3000 poeple like Fireburst on Facebook:

The new Fireburst website is online!

by Leif Griga 12. April 2011 15:39


Cool: The brand new Fireburst website is online! Check

and if you haven't visited the Facebookpage:



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