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New "Gold Location" Great Wall of China explained

by Karsten Wysk 22. March 2012 12:06

As you can see on our roadmap the latest update of SoulCraft will also feature a new location: The Great Wall of China. You may have noticed that this is a "Gold location" and may ask yourself: WTF is a Gold location? :)
We mean "Gold location" in 2 ways: First China is currently the most beautiful location in the game. We tried a slightly different art style and we really like it ..and hope you agree. So the first way to see it is: Gold locations have "gold standard" quality :)
The second way to explain what Gold locations are is this: As you know SoulCraft is a free2play game: You can play the game for free and only if you want to you can spend some real money to improve the gaming experience. To be honest: currently lots of people are playing the game and enjoying it but not enough people are spending real money yet. Harsh reality is that we need at least enough money to pay the team working on the game and we are not there yet ... and thats why we are experimenting with these Gold locations to improve monetization of the game. We simply hope that more people will buy Gold at least once to be able to play the new awesome China location.

So the rule for the Gold locations is: Buy Gold at least once and you become a "Gold member" for life. This allows you to play all "Gold content" including the new China location (and more Gold content coming up). It does not matter if you spent all your gold - you will still be able to access "Gold content" once you have become a "Gold member".

Of course this does not mean that all new cool stuff will be "Gold content". We will of course also add lots of new stuff to the "normal" game as well!

Thanks for your feedback and have fun playing the game!



3/22/2012 2:28:37 PM #

How will this work for people who previously supported by purchasing gold?

I'm sorry to hear that you all aren't making enough money back on the game.  I hate to say it, but I think it's because there really is a lack of focus to the point/story of the game.  That really needs to be addressed ASAP, because as it is it's just another dual-stick grinding arena-based game.

I'm sure many others would agree, that the original artwork and basic story bits were what interested us all.  The "Action-rpg" moniker thrown out also suggested something different, imo.  This to me, is not an action-rpg.  The rpg elements are extremely light.  When I think of an action RPG, I think of something like Secret of Mana to something like Diablo.  This doesn't fall anywhere near those types of games, imo.  This just feels like a reskin of Gun Brothers / Eternity Warriors which both annoyed and got old fast as well.

I don't want to sound overly negative, because I DO like the control scheme for the most part, although I avoid the slower weapons because of the aiming and all (But that adds to difficulty for people who want it, so no complaints).  But I feel like I'm doing NOTHING in the "World" itself.  I always feel like I'm working, grinding at a basic game model.  I never feel like I am really "doing" anything other than repeating a level (albeit at higher level) to just kill time.

William Hartman |

3/24/2012 3:24:34 AM #

Love this game and it's looking real good like the wall too. You guys on Google plus? if so I'll follow and get others too as well, and to play!

Kirk |

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